How to Find YOUR Adam Bomb

Whether you’re on board or not, it’s happening.

7 min readDec 1, 2021

Congrats. You are here, so you are early. Adam Bomb Squad — in short, ABS — is a lifetime NFT project, yet still in its infancy. It is a rising NFT supported by the 18-year long streetwear brand The Hundreds.

For what comes next, I will assume you are already convinced to join the Adam Bomb family. If not, I invite you to join the official Discord to discuss it with the community.

OK, so you want to join. Now, you may ask yourself…

“Which Bomb should I own?”

I get it. ABS consists of 25,000 unique tokens, which is more than the average NFT project. It features tons of traits, many having history, aesthetics and utility to consider. Rarity ranking is the convenient NFT filter for today, but other factors come into play in determining bomb status.

This guide is meant to facilitate your onboarding process to the Squad. Below are some of the most popular ways people have been digging for bombs so far. Remember that there is no single winning strategy. In the end, it is up to you to find the one(s) that speaks to you the most.

A. (Near) Floor Sweeping

This is your entry ticket to the Squad. It requires minimum research and may be your best option if you are here to “taste the technology”. Also, as Bobby Hundreds himself put it, “every bomb is rare and valuable”.

This alone should guarantee you access to most upcoming ABS perks. You can also aim for multiple bombs sweeping. At the time of writing, the floor has more than doubled from the previous month!

The floor usually looks something like this:

There is plenty of choice at floor, enough to fit your individual taste

B. Special Bombs

This should grant you future access to specific perks, as well as some prestige if you hold any of these coveted bombs.


The Hundreds are the kings of collabs. Collab bombs are signed partnership between ABS and artists or brands. This means that you get two stakeholders taking care that your bomb holds its value over time.

Perks: we have already witnessed free NFT airdrop (Nick Diamond, Ron English), exclusive access to event (Mr Cartoon). Upcoming projects have been teased with Aaron Kai and MA®KET.

Known collabs: Aaron Kai, Ben Tour, Blue the Great, D*Face, Dom Deluca, Don Pendleton, Eric Dressen, Half Evil, Hall of Fame, Iwan Smit, Joshua Vides, Kenny Scharf, Mr Cartoon, Nick Diamond, Mark Dean Veca, MA®KET, Ron English, Sean Williams, Sophie Sturdevant, SSUR, Todd Bratrud, Umi Wagoner — ETC Tacoma.

6 popular collabs: Kenny Scharf, D*Face, Ron English, Sophie Sturdevant, MD Veca, Mr Cartoon


Perks: higher royalty rates on product sales derived from the design of your Bomb. Free/VIP access to Family Style annual food festival (LA), exclusive green/blue/red ABS T-shirt (expired). Privileged spot in raffles: e.g, in Dec-21, a blue sticker specific bomb owner has received a custom Xbox. Extra exclusivity to be announced over time.

Expect more exclusivity for red stickers owners, then blue, then green.

Broken Backgrounds

There is a long story behind these.

Perks: free NFT has already been airdropped to holders end of October-21. Additional utility has not been disclosed yet. However, the additional metadata trait adds to the rarity ranking of these bombs.

Left/Middle: 2 backgrounds categorized as “broken”. Right: e.g. of airdropped Broken Background NFT

Double Troubles

Perks: yet to be disclosed, but these are quite rare (only 91). Some collectors have also been looking for their original counterpart — who knows what might come out of this?

Originals (bottom) and “Double Troubles” (top). A bottom-right logo to tell them apart

Food, Sports, and other Themes

There are 5 official ABS themes: Emotions, Artist, Hair Styles, Food, Sports.

Perks: much has yet to be announced. So far: teased utility for Food Bombs (community meetups), official NFL x The Hundreds Super Bowl jacket worth 400$ given away to Football Adam and Football Card Adam holders.

Future utility on Food and Sports bombs has been teased. Other themes too?

Note: Because “every bomb is special”, other undisclosed themes will play out! This was demonstrated by a surprise announcement in Dec-21: every 16-bit Adam owner (link to the bomb type) was eligible to a raffle for a total of 4 custom Xbox and 14 custom controllers.

Error Terror

There are only 17 bombs categorized as Error Terror, which makes them really expensive and desired.

Perks: In the past, free “Topps by Bobby Hundreds” card. More to be disclosed.

Left: left-facing Adam. Middle: photo print crosshatch. Right: outlined (not filled) Pattern Adam

Hidden Gems

  • Price: $$-$$$

Some other very unique or low-count bombs exist, yet they are difficult to find with existing metadata filters only, as they belong to none of the above categories. Reserved for true ABS explorers only.

Perks: none, aside from flexing your hidden gem.

Left: 1 of 1 Bummed Adam w/ no visible outline/smoke. Middle: 1 of 1 Magic Purple. Right: 1 of 4 Screen Brown

Black Adam/Madam/Badam

Last but not least. The original Adam (1 of 1), Madam (1 of 2), Badam (1 of 3). If you want one, you’d better have deep pockets.

Perks: everyone envies you.

C. True Rarity

Adam Bomb Squad is featured on Rarity.Tools. You can use this website to guide you on which bomb to buy based on rarity scorings.

Ranked 1st is the original Black Adam, followed by the 3 Black Badams and 2 Black Madams. The 17 Error Terrors occupy the next positions.

Interestingly, Pure Badams and Pure Madams come next.

Why are they ranked so high? They have more traits than the other bombs, which makes them rarer. One could also argue that each Pure has its own set of traits combination, meaning that they are all 1 of 1. For that reason, they are sought after and priced well above the floor.

These Pure bombs are ranked respectively #71, #117, #159, #324

Note: Pure Adams are also highly ranked, albeit lower than Badams/Madams, simply because there are more. However, their rarity scoring is currently not priced in, so you may find some near the floor.

D. Bomb Character Count

  • Price: $$-$$$
  • Link to — a community-built webapp to help you navigate through bomb characters and to spot deals. Highly recommended!

A large number among the ABS community considers the “Character” trait as being the most important. Assuming this, any bomb character with a count below 20–30 can be regarded as rare. You may find a good deal if you see a bomb priced lower than any other bombs from the same rarity zone.

Some of the rarest bombs by character count: 10 or less for each of those, which makes them extremely costly. You can find more affordable — yet still rare — ones in the 11–30 count range.

E. Aesthetics

  • Price: $-$$$

Can’t go wrong with buying something that you like. Below are some highly subjective examples of bombs that I personally find appealing.

Some of the above bombs can sometimes be found at low price range. But they also tend to sell quickly.

Tip: Zoom in. Bombs are 4000x4000 PNG. You may fall in love with details that you would otherwise miss.

Usual thumbnail you will see in OpenSea
Higher Resolution — see the details?

F. Theme-based Collection

  • Price: $-$$$

Some collectors have chosen to keep some level of consistency in their collection. Matching bombs sublimate each other. It could also have some sort of advantage in the future as the Metaverse expands (e.g. art galleries). Keep that in mind as an idea if you are willing to grow your collection.

Trifecta — kunsthalle.eth
Trifecta Lakers edition— fastxcurious.eth
Complete Camp Adam collection — contains.eth
Yellow set — @shaycarl
Pairs/Trifecta — ZhuFu
Impressive set of Pure Badams — 0xf213bd3b0695addcb1342b6351051ed4adf99248

G. Go Simple

There are 2597 bombs with the “Simple” trait. They are not fancy by nature, but they represent the original bombs in their simplest form.

The 6 Simple variants, derived from the 3 main ABS icons

There is more…

…but we are still early. Surprises await us for the decades to come, so the meta will likely change over time.

I also haven’t mentioned community-driven initiatives. For this, you will need to join the Discord and take the time to learn about what is brewing. To name just one initiative, an NFT was airdropped from Mike Shinoda to Zombie Adam holders.

The Discord server will also get you access to:

  • Bobby’s occasional alpha on hot bombs
  • Juicy deals from the #bomb-marketplace channel
  • Further advice from the community to decide on which bomb(s) you should invest in