How to Find YOUR Adam Bomb

“Which Bomb should I own?”

A. (Near) Floor Sweeping

There is plenty of choice at floor, enough to fit your individual taste

B. Special Bombs


6 popular collabs: Kenny Scharf, D*Face, Ron English, Sophie Sturdevant, MD Veca, Mr Cartoon


Expect more exclusivity for red stickers owners, then blue, then green.

Broken Backgrounds

Left/Middle: 2 backgrounds categorized as “broken”. Right: e.g. of airdropped Broken Background NFT

Double Troubles

Originals (bottom) and “Double Troubles” (top). A bottom-right logo to tell them apart

Food, Sports, and other Themes

Future utility on Food and Sports bombs has been teased. Other themes too?

Error Terror

Left: left-facing Adam. Middle: photo print crosshatch. Right: outlined (not filled) Pattern Adam

Hidden Gems

  • Price: $$-$$$
Left: 1 of 1 Bummed Adam w/ no visible outline/smoke. Middle: 1 of 1 Magic Purple. Right: 1 of 4 Screen Brown

Black Adam/Madam/Badam

C. True Rarity

These Pure bombs are ranked respectively #71, #117, #159, #324

D. Bomb Character Count

  • Price: $$-$$$
  • Link to — a community-built webapp to help you navigate through bomb characters and to spot deals. Highly recommended!
Some of the rarest bombs by character count: 10 or less for each of those, which makes them extremely costly. You can find more affordable — yet still rare — ones in the 11–30 count range.

E. Aesthetics

  • Price: $-$$$
Some of the above bombs can sometimes be found at low price range. But they also tend to sell quickly.
Usual thumbnail you will see in OpenSea
Higher Resolution — see the details?

F. Theme-based Collection

  • Price: $-$$$
Trifecta — kunsthalle.eth
Trifecta Lakers edition— fastxcurious.eth
Complete Camp Adam collection — contains.eth
Yellow set — @shaycarl
Pairs/Trifecta — ZhuFu
Impressive set of Pure Badams — 0xf213bd3b0695addcb1342b6351051ed4adf99248

G. Go Simple

The 6 Simple variants, derived from the 3 main ABS icons

There is more…

  • Bobby’s occasional alpha on hot bombs
  • Juicy deals from the #bomb-marketplace channel
  • Further advice from the community to decide on which bomb(s) you should invest in



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